David Winnerstam captures moving images for fiction and documentary formats.

His portfolio includes work for award-winning short films, commercials, musicvideos, full length documentaries, TV-series, concert films, trailers for theatre shows and scenic events, projections and art-videos.

He currently works as news photographer and editor for Swedish Public Television SVT.

He is based in Gnesta/Stockholm, Sweden.

He speaks Swedish, English and German.

He’s owner of Flugan Filmproduktion AB.


SVT, J. Walther Thompson Paris, ITV-Studios, Paterson, Neue Berliner Kunstverein, Fotokasten, MyPhotobook, die Maulwerker, 8. Insel Filmproduktion, Signe Johannessen, Långsjö teater, François Sarhan, Jelili Atiku, Ensemble Mosaik, Ronald and Robert Lippok, Sven-Åke Johansson, Dirk von Lotzow, Expedition Metropolis, Diana Lucas Drogan, NGBK, Mathieu Charriere, Arianne Hinz, From A to B, Michael Gautsch Filmproduktion, Andrea Bonetti, DAAD, Susanne Elgeti

AWARDS (selection)

2018 // Best filmich research / Uni ASH, Germany - IN THE WINGS

2016 // Official selection / Los Angeles Cine Fest, USA - CALLOCAIN

2016 // Official selection / Cannes Lion, France - UNTOUCHABLE CARS

2016 // Best student film / Miami Independent Film Festival, USA - CALLOCAIN

2013 // Best student feature / Zlin Filmfestival, Czech R - I AM NOT BRAVE

2013 // Official selection / BUFF filmfestival, Sweden - I AM NOT BRAVE